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We repair all hearing aid brands from as low as $90

Same day service available, contact us for details

Six month Warranty on all repairs

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We have over 30+ years of experience in the field of hearing aid repair. If you are looking for the best price, experience, and friendly service think of us.


  • Best Price - We offer the lowest prices in Hearing aid repair.  Starting from as low as $90
  • Experience - With over 30+ years in the business of helping people hear.
  • Friendly Service - We strive to treat our customers with exceptional service and care. 


Client Testimonial:

"Comments - Hello I just wanted to let you know I recieved my hearing  aid in the mail today and I can't thank you enough. It is so wonderful  to have 2 hearing aids working for my hearing lost. I really appreciate you all doing that for me. Thank you very much. Note; I have been without this one for probabley 3 mos. (Couldn't afford what the lab charges where I take it to get it cleaned) Thank you again and again."


We repair the following models:

  • Siemens hearing aids
  • Beltone hearing aids
  • Micro Tech hearing aids
  • Songbird hearing aids
  • Medicare hearing aids
  • Argosy hearing aids
  • Unitron hearing aids
  • Starkey hearing aids
  • Diva hearing aids
  • Widex hearing aids
  • Oticon hearing aids
  • Phonak hearing aids
  • Miracle Ear hearing aids
  • Resound hearing aids
  • Sonic hearing aids
  • BTE hearing aids
  • Audibel hearing aids
  • CIC hearing aids
  • Rexton hearing aids
  • Song Bird hearing aids
  • Siemans hearing aids
  • Power hearing aids
  • Senso Diva hearing aids
  • OMNI hearing aids
  • Interton hearing aids
  • Lloyds hearing aids
  • Costco hearing aids
  • Atlas hearing aids
  • Sonic Innovation hearing aids
  • Siemens Digital hearing aids
  • Sears hearing aids
  • Triano hearing aids
  • Adapto hearing aids
  • Audina hearing aids
  • Canta hearing aids
  • Avada hearing aids
  • and many more...



We repair the following types:

  • Digital hearing aids
  • Discount hearing aids
  • Child hearing aids
  • Senior hearing aids
  • Programmable hearing aids
  • Behind the ear hearing aids
  • Used hearing aids
  • New hearing aids
  • Waterproof hearing aids
  • Bone Conduction hearing aids
  • Analog Hearing aids
  • Audiology Hearing aids
  • and more...


We also include in our services hearing aid batteries.  If your company is interested in wholesale lab services contact us for details.





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